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    在线咨询: (使用邮箱请把#修改成@) 服务时间:周一至周日,8:00-18:30 帮助中心: 请点击这里自主查看帮助信息 我要留言:您有任何问题或建议请留言(1个工作日内回复) 留言反馈(点击进入) Phone: 400-009-0035 Online consultation: E-mail: kefu # (Please change # to @ if you use your email address) Service hours: Monday to Sunday, 8: 00-18: 30 Help center: please click Check the help information here. I want to leave a message: If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a message (reply within 1 working day). Feedback (click to enter)
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    在线咨询: 商虎通会员疑问,请立即反馈: 留言反馈(点击进入) 服务时间:24小时x7天 Tel: 400-009-0035 (Call for free long distance call) Online consultation: Shanghutong members have questions, please feedback immediately: Message feedback (click to enter) Service time: 24 hours x 7 days
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    在线咨询: 服务时间:周一至周日,8:00-18:00 Phone: 400-009-8969 (free long-distance call) Online consultation: Email: Service time: Monday to Sunday, 8: 00-18: 00
  • Shanghu China Contribution Center

    电话:400-009-0035 15377996575 Submission email: tg # (Please use the email to modify # to @) Phone: 400-009-0035 15377996575
  • Technical Support

    注: 1、 邮件标题请标明“技术支持”字样; 2、 请将详细问题发送邮件告知,邮件内容请写明公司名称和用户名,以便准确查找和解决问题。 E-mail: support # (Please modify # to @ when using the mailbox) Note: 1. Please mark “Technical Support” in the subject of the email ; 2. Please send an email with detailed questions, and please specify the company name in the email And username in order to find and resolve the issue accurately. 3. The technical issues of the consultation letter were resolved within 2 working days.
  • Legal adviser

    电话:0595-22500826 Legal Department Contact: Mr. SongTel: 0595-22500826
Shanghu China Operations Center Address: 2nd Floor, Building A, Baozhou Commercial and Residential Building, No. 276 Tianan South Road, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province
  • King of Popularity-Shanghutong

    Shanghu China's online trading platform for members. With the help of Shanghutong, you can have your own exclusive shop, buy goods and sell goods to attract merchants to join, Shanghutong help you get it!
  • Trade communication——Shanghuweiwei

    Shanghu China specially launched an instant trade communication tool for you. Via Weiwei, online chat with friends, make friends and do business is not a problem! .
  • Promotion platform-self-service advertising

    Ultra-low cost, free choice of placement, independent IP traffic calculation, let you choose, value for money, save time, money and more peace of mind!
  • Autonomous Domain Name-Corporate Post Office

    Shanghu Enterprise Post Office has the characteristics of independent management and powerful functions. It is not only fast, secure, and stable, but also has basic functions such as global forwarding, mail monitoring, comprehensive antivirus, and anti-spam systems.